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Fiton specializes in an advanced form of bioremediation known as biocatalysis.

Fiton is an international remediation company headquartered Toronto, Canada. In 1986 Fiton began using its technology to efficiently eradicate petroleum contaminants at gas stations. The success of The Fiton Approach allowed for rapid growth of the organization - currently taking on large scale projects for governments and fortune 500 companies.


Fiton maintains a competitive advantage over traditional excavation methods as well as conventional bioremediation. Treating contamination on site, whether in situ or within a mobile bioreactor, results in an efficient and flexible approach the dig & haul method simply can’t provide. As opposed to other bioremediation systems, Fiton can treat a wide range of contaminants in virtually any environment - all without sacrificing speed.


Although the technology we use is complex, its application is simple. For this reason we not only provide turn-key services, but also sell Fiton products separately on a case by case basis. 

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